I'm a Spanish American photographer currently based in Barcelona. Let me know
how I should take on your commission and which usage will you be giving to your
images so we can define costs and secure your timeslot via deposit.  

Ana Negraes, actress (editorial)
"Freddy is a magician. Nature itself recognizes him as one of its own, and it goes on 
opening to him in unexpected and play
ful ways filled with wonder and grace.
-And then, each photo comes to life as an urgent invitation to this wild world's seductive 
mysteries and persuasions. 
An attractive call made by the deep magnetism of your crystals. Here in your beloved Tropic 
of Capricorn, the powerful aura of your images have mesmerized and hypnotized, aroused 
passions and precipitated declarations of eternal love.-"

Mar Marquez, musician (commercial)
"Freddy is a tireless, optimistic professional who knows how to create a relaxed ambient in 
a photo shoot so the model can feel at home and great results can be achieved. 
His domain of color, light and perspective derive in an original and very personal style that is
both commercial and artistic. 
As a musician I've been very happy to work with him on two commercial photography projects, 
and undoubtedly I'll do it again."

Anne Meulenbelt, model (editorial)
"Freddy's a great photographer to work with; original ideas and super nice shooting atmosphere."

Olga Smirnova, attorney (portraiture)
"Aside a great professional Freddy is just a lovely and fun person! In my two hour session with 
Freddy and his team we had a great time and the results simply speak for themselves.


Barcelona Studios  +34 935 138 110
Inquiries @ freddylucas@live.com


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Jul / Sept 2017 Spain / Brazil
Oct / Dec  2017 Spain / France